How I Work

If you have been struggling with difficulties that stubbornly defy change then this approach may well be for you. The longer I work as a Relational Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, the more convinced I am that working together in this way really creates opportunities to reach deeply into those unconscious difficulties, thus creating profound and lasting change.

I work both short term and long term with a variety of presenting clinical issues including depression, anxiety, grief and loss, childhood neglect, disrupted attachment in early life, difficult childhoods, surviving suicide, work stress, trauma, addictions, life transitions, relationship problems, sexual difficulties, low self esteem, phobias and obsessions.

I also enjoy assisting people who want to develop themselves further by making use of  relational psychoanalytic psychotherapy for personal growth.

Because the therapy relationship is my priority I aim to work relationally, with warmth, sensitivity and respect and I will work with you at your pace.  I believe that all symptoms are an indication of a need to face inward in order to grow and to evolve. Facing into difficulties and pain and taking responsibility for your healing will decrease symptoms and increase self awareness, thus enhancing your life and your sense of interconnectedness.

Every therapy process is different and is a deeply personal experience, but what Psychotherapists believe is that early life experiences create in the individual a unique emotional and psychological template. This template begins and is laid down in the past and then reinforced over years until it becomes embedded, influencing ones present life and relationships.  Ways of protecting oneself against past emotional pain of deprivation, trauma, disruptions and hurts takes energy and increases disconnectedness from the core of the self and from others.

I will aim to help you uncover and understand your template and to gently find ways to feel into and heal from your pain.

Internal work will be examined from within the context of external factors such as culture, society, class, gender and social climate. And I may also be curious about your relationship to nature, nutrition and the concept of something larger than yourself.

If what you have read resonates, please make contact and we can discuss what you want to achieve and how best we may do this.

Many people consider a psychotherapy process as one of the most valuable investments they have ever made.

I am currently providing Psychotherapy and Supervision for Individuals, Couples and Students.

Please phone me on 027 611 8449 and I will return your call promptly.


Home Office practice rooms at 44 Sullivan Ave, Woolston, Christchurch 8023